Amikoj is Esperanto  and means friends. That is why we launch a community (in January 2021) that is named Because friends speak a mutual language, the language of friendship, sharing and caring. And they should be able to feel save and private. We will not share any of your data with anyone else. 
By registering on you are always able to choose which other members of our community you want to share your information with. You will be able to share information with all the people on you want or connect them by creating your own (private)group.

There are many great options to share with other major communities that you may have an account with, so that friends that are not registered at yet, can also enjoy what you share with them.

Note for username: Although the privacy settings are set for friends only (you can change that yourself) it may happen that if you are member of a group or are involved in an event, your username will show public. So our advice is to make a username that you feel save with and that is only known by the people you want to know.

Register now and be part of our community that enables you to share online with respect for your privacy.
If you decide to cancel your account on, all your information will be deleted straight away from our servers.

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